Design Vorgang

The process to your successful website

A. Meeting with you face-to-face to discuss your requirements
  1. Feedback on what is feasible and what is not Detailed discussion regarding the structure of the site Arrangement of content in a logical way
  2. Menu structure
  3. Online form requirements (contact)
  4. Other requirements … Is self management of the content required, if YES
  5. Is the client capable or willing to do HTML work
  6. Is there a requirement for a Content Management System (CMS)
B. Information required from you in regard to
  1. Search engines
    - List of expressions for meta tag
    - Short description of the business or website content
  2. Logos, company colours etc…
    - Maybe Corporate Identity and Corporate Design guidelines
  3. Content
    - What content is provided by the customer to be included in the site
    - What content will be entered by the customer via HTML or CMS
  4. If application is required, detailed requirements and specifications
C. Temporary website and development on test server
  1. If required, temporary website (business card) is set up on your live server
  2. Website design
    - First design suggestions, based on initial meeting and discussion
    - All suggestions are placed on test server for feedback
    - Feedback is taken into considerations and further designs are presented
  3. Implementation
    - Once the design is approved, HTML or PHP implementation starts
    - If a database is required, setting up of test database
    - You can test run the new site or new application
    - If you maintain your own content, this is tested at this point in time as well
  4. Feedback is collected and acted upon to create the final look and feel
    - This is usually done by phone, with both parties having the new website on their screen
D. Implementation on live server
  1. Once the test site has been approved, the new site is installed on live server
  2. All applications and databases are set up
  3. The new site is thoroughly tested by me
  4. Once I am happy with the new site and content I will inform you to check the site for content and usability.
  5. Training on the new system is given, if required
  6. Last modifications are performed according to your test feedback.
E. Activation of the new site
  1. The temporary site is deactivated and the new site is activated
  2. Search engines are notified of the new site (Google)