Chris Dickmann
Western Australia
Welcome to my website

All content of this site is created or managed by a simple content management system that allows the user to enter text and images in various ways.

One reason to have my page use this system is to show you what can be done with it. It may also give you ideas of what you could be implementing and easily maintaining, should you decide to have your website created and set up by me. 

My goal

My goal is to provide a service that starts at the concept stage and leads all the way to the full implementation of your website. In other words, our first meeting consists of you telling me exactly what you need, with me listening and giving you feedback as to what is possible or how it could be implemented.

Within the next couple of days I will contact you with more definite suggestions and maybe already a dummy page on my test server. All the development will then continue on my test server or on your server, hidden from the general public.

When you are happy with the result, I will install the website or web application on your server, or make it available to the general public. From that moment on everyone will be able to access your new site.